Dual Wheelchair Transportation: Options For Conversion Van Layouts

A number of handicap conversion vans are designed with only a single wheelchair in mind. If you have multiple family members with wheelchairs, then your options may be a little more complicated. By planning out your exact needs, you can have a conversion van that properly accommodates both wheelchairs comfortably. Read through the various options to decide on the best methods for transporting multiple wheelchairs in a single van. Once you understand the different options, you can work with a specialty car dealer to have the design come to life. [Read More]

Time For An Annual Service Check? Here's What Should Be Checked About Your Engine

If there is one thing you can do to see your vehicle stay functional for the long haul, it is to make sure annual maintenance checks and tune-up schedules are closely followed. It is during an annual check-up that all kinds of things will be checked on your vehicle, from your steering and suspension to the electrical functions and your engine. Whether you do the basic service and tune-up on your own or you have someone do this for you at a mechanic is not important, but what is important is that you make sure all your bases are covered—especially where the engine is concerned. [Read More]

Trouble With The Electric Brakes On Your RV? Have You Checked Your Fuses?

If your RV has been suffering from problems with its brakes, it can be very frustrating to locate the source of the problem. RV brakes are typically electric, which means they use electricity to create a magnetic flow which stops your vehicle. They are usually very effective for these types of vehicles. Unfortunately, few RV owners understand that electric brakes are tied in with the fuse system of the RV. This means that brake problems may be misdiagnosed for a long time. [Read More]

Troubleshooting Why a Brake Warning Light Is On

Does the warning light for the brakes stay on in your truck? Before getting your brakes replaced, you might want to get them inspected by a mechanic to find out if only a simply repair is necessary. There are even some mechanics that are able to come to your location and do mobile truck repair if you don't want to drive the truck to a shop. This article contains a list of questions that you should ask yourself when trying to troubleshoot why the brake warning light is on before an inspection is done by a mechanic. [Read More]