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Dual Wheelchair Transportation: Options For Conversion Van Layouts

A number of handicap conversion vans are designed with only a single wheelchair in mind. If you have multiple family members with wheelchairs, then your options may be a little more complicated. By planning out your exact needs, you can have a conversion van that properly accommodates both wheelchairs comfortably. Read through the various options to decide on the best methods for transporting multiple wheelchairs in a single van. Once you understand the different options, you can work with a specialty car dealer to have the design come to life.

Rear-Entry Conversion Vans

Wheelchairs entering from the rear of a vehicle may have more room to roll up and find a seating solution inside of the vehicle. When a rear-entry is installed, a ramp is typically extended out from the back of the van. After a wheelchair rolls up into the van, it can easily move into a position without having to make too many adjustments. When multiple wheelchairs are involved, one wheelchair can turn and sit to the left of the ramp and the other can turn and sit to the right of the ramp. In these cases, the rear seating bench is often removed to accommodate for the wheelchairs.

The two wheelchairs can also be rolled straight ahead to form a line in the center of the vehicle. Traditional seats can then be installed on either side of this lane so that there are extra seating options for other individuals. Once the van has parked, it's easy to roll the wheelchairs back down the ramp for a hassle-free exit option.

Side-Entry Conversion Vans

Another alternative option for transporting multiple wheelchairs is a side-entry conversion van. These vans feature a ramp or lift on the tradition side-door entry of the van. One of the easiest ways to make extra space in these vans is by removing the passenger seat. When the first wheelchair loads into the van, it can be positioned and locked into place in the passenger seating area. This gives room for the second wheelchair in the center seating portion of the vehicle. Third-row seating can provide the extra seats needed for other individuals that are riding in the vehicle.

As an alternative option, you can also configure the van for transferring onto seats. In this design, the center area would be completely cleared out to house the wheelchairs. A bench seat would be located right next to this area so a person could transfer from the wheelchair and into a traditional seat. This gives each person more room to sit comfortably during longer car trips.

Conversion van dealers, such as Lone Star Handicap Vans, can help create custom rides and designs that cater to your needs. Contact them to arrange a meeting and see the different options that are available.