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Trouble With The Electric Brakes On Your RV? Have You Checked Your Fuses?

If your RV has been suffering from problems with its brakes, it can be very frustrating to locate the source of the problem. RV brakes are typically electric, which means they use electricity to create a magnetic flow which stops your vehicle. They are usually very effective for these types of vehicles.

Unfortunately, few RV owners understand that electric brakes are tied in with the fuse system of the RV. This means that brake problems may be misdiagnosed for a long time. However, it is possible to check and change these fuses to increase your braking efficiency.

Burned Out Fuses Decrease Electric Braking Efficiency

As fuses burn out in your RV, it is possible that the fuse that controls your electric brakes may also burn out. If it does, your brake system may end up operating very poorly or refusing to work at all. This creates a dangerous situation, as your RV may not stop and end up ramming into traffic.

If you are out camping with it and the fuses burn out, there's a chance that the brakes may release and cause your RV to roll away on an incline. An out-of-control RV rolling through a campground is a dangerous situation, one that could put many lives at risk. That's why testing your fuses is so important.

Testing Your RVs Fuses

The first step is to locate your RV fuses. These are typically in an easy-to-spot fuse box either on the outside of the vehicle or in the interior. Once you find it, open up the fuse box, and examine it for any obvious burn outs. Signs may include black burns around the edge of a fuse. However, there's also a chance that it will display no obvious burned out symptoms.

That's when a multimeter is so important, as it will help you test your fuses and gauge which, if any, are burned out. Consult your user guide to locate the position of your electric brake fuses. Now, carefully remove each fuse and probe both of their connections once with your multimeter, clipping the ground wire to a metal panel.

If the fuse is good, the test light will shine. However, if the light doesn't come on, the fuse is burned out. Go to your local RV shop and buy the appropriate fuse, taking the burned out one with you for reference. However, if your electric brakes are still struggling, there might be a different problem. Take your RV to the shop, like Burnsville Trailer Hitch, immediately to get it checked out.