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Troubleshooting Why a Brake Warning Light Is On

Does the warning light for the brakes stay on in your truck? Before getting your brakes replaced, you might want to get them inspected by a mechanic to find out if only a simply repair is necessary. There are even some mechanics that are able to come to your location and do mobile truck repair if you don't want to drive the truck to a shop. This article contains a list of questions that you should ask yourself when trying to troubleshoot why the brake warning light is on before an inspection is done by a mechanic.

Does Your Truck Move to the Side When Slowing Down?

When a truck automatically begins to drift to the side, it is usually a problem with wheel alignment or the brake pads. If the drifting only occurs when you are slowing the truck down, it points to the brake pads being worn out. It is possible that some of the pads are more worn out than others. A mechanic will only need to replace the pads, so in this case you don't have to purchase new brakes altogether.

When Did Your Truck Last Receive Brake Fluid?

If you can remember the last time that your truck received fresh brake fluid, it is likely time for the task to be done. An insufficient amount of fluid can cause the brakes to malfunction, such as by not being as powerful as they should be. You must keep in mind that the fluid is used for helping the hydraulics in the brake system function by creating pressure. Your truck possibly has low or contaminated brake fluid that is causing a problem.

Do You Hear a Grinding Sound When Pressing the Brakes?

Grinding sounds are often the result of the brake pads being worn out. For instance, you might hear the sounds when you are slowing down your truck. Due to the brake pads not being as thick as they should be, the disc and caliper rub against each other. You might also need to get the rotors tuned or replaced when new brake pads are installed.

Does Slowing Down Take a While to Accomplish?

If your truck has been taking longer to slow down when the brakes are pressed, it is a sign that prompt brake replacement is needed. Although worn-out pads or a low level of brake fluid can also be the root cause of the problem, you might simply have old and damaged brakes. Hire a mechanic to find out why the brake warning light is on as soon as possible.