Car Not Handling The Way It Used To? 4 Signs You Should Have It Aligned

When it comes to car maintenance, your alignment might be the one thing that gets overlooked the most often. That could be because your car won't make any strange noises or illuminate any warning lights when it's time for servicing. Unfortunately, if your car is in need of an alignment, it could affect the way it handles. Here are four signs that it's time to take your car in for an alignment. [Read More]

Preparing For A Camping Adventure: Four Ways To Upgrade Your Truck For The Outdoors

Your pickup truck can be your single best piece of equipment for camping and off-road adventures. With a few upgrades, you can transform your truck into a camping command center. Before you head out on your next outdoor trip, consider these additions to your pickup truck to maximize your fun. Off-Road LED Light Bar When your camping trip takes you off the beaten path, an off-road LED light bar can lead the way. [Read More]

4 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying A Used Car For A Son Or Daughter In College

Having a car could really enhance your child's college experience and make it so that your child is better able to take advantage of both academic and professional opportunities as a student. However, having a car could also complicate your young college student's life if you're not careful.  The following are four common mistakes to avoid as a parent if you're on the market for the perfect used car to give as a gift to your child in college: [Read More]

Preparing Your Teen To Drive Alone

One of the more frightening periods in a parent's life is when their child gets their license. The thing that may be even scarier is when they drive alone for the first time, especially out of town. Although this occurrence will always make you uneasy, you can relieve some of your fears by properly preparing your child. Training The most important step is to make sure your child is as prepared as possible. [Read More]