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3 Tips for Protecting a Broken Rear Car Window Before It Can Be Replaced

If your car's rear window is broken or smashed, you might not necessarily have to get the broken window replaced immediately. If you simply don't have the means to shell out $100 to $350 for a replacement or don't have time to drive your car to an auto shop, you can get away with replacing the window at another time; however, you'll have to take extra measures to protect the already vulnerable window in the meantime to prevent the damage from worsening. Here are three tips you should consider.

Remove Loose Pieces

If your rear car window is already broken or damaged, the last thing you want is for small glass pieces to come flying off while you're driving or in the middle of something else. As a result, make sure you clean up the area by removing as many loose pieces as you can. If there's a piece of glass that's loose and hanging off of the window, but it hasn't completely fallen off yet, consider pulling it off.

Use Two Layers of Tape to Stick the Plastic Liner or Bag On

Prevent rain, snow, dirt, and debris from entering your car by covering the broken window with a plastic liner or bag. To secure the cover onto your car, use two layers of tape. Wipe the surface of the car clean first before applying the tape for better adhesion. You want to place a second layer of tape that overlaps the first layer in order to create a waterproof barrier and create a tight seal.

Drive Slow and Carefully

When using a car with a broken rear window, it's crucial to remember that the structural integrity of the auto glass is already compromised. It is not as strong as before and cannot tolerate as much impact without shattering. As a result, drive slowly and carefully. Stay below the speed limit if you can and avoid speed bumps and other road hazards. You should avoid driving the car as much as possible and only use it when absolutely necessary to avoid further damaging the window.


By being careful, you should still be able to drive your car a bit even with a broken rear window. Still, you should make an appointment to get a replacement fitted as soon as possible with a trusted mechanic or auto shop. A broken glass window is extremely vulnerable and susceptible to further damages brought on by elemental or environmental factors.