safety and sporty - combining the two for teenage drivers

Preparing Your Teen To Drive Alone

One of the more frightening periods in a parent's life is when their child gets their license. The thing that may be even scarier is when they drive alone for the first time, especially out of town. Although this occurrence will always make you uneasy, you can relieve some of your fears by properly preparing your child.


The most important step is to make sure your child is as prepared as possible. Experts recommend that you add steps to what the state requires. Most states will require that new drivers pass three stages: the learner's permit stage, the driving-with-supervision stage, and then the full-license stage. In addition to those requirements, you can set your own probationary requirements. For instance, you can require that they drive safely and without incident for a six month period before you let them drive out of town. You can also have them sign a pledge that they will drive safely when they are alone or with friends. Beyond that, you should not stop talking about their driving technique after they get their license. Casually chatting about road hazards and safe driving techniques can be quite helpful. Basically, do not assume that your child is "done" learning about driving once they have their license. Also, if you simply do not think your child is ready for a road trip, it's okay to say no.

Emergency Kit

To make certain your child has everything they need in case of an accident or breakdown, prepare a little emergency kit and place it in the glove box. The kit should contain the car's registration, an insurance card, and your auto club card if you have one. Also, include a mini flashlight and a spare phone charger. Adding a $20 bill is also an excellent idea. Parents can be rendered nearly helpless by imagining their child stranded and without resources, even though most have their phones on them at all times. Still, emergency funds, proper documentation, and the number for a tow can make their lives easier and relieve your anxious mind.

Remember, you survived the learning period when you began to drive. Don't feel bad about imposing a waiting period and other requirements before you let your new driver loose on the highway. They have their entire lives to drive where they wish. The dangers of an accident are very real. You can make sure they are ready before they hit the road.

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