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Steps To Take To Protect Yourself And Your Vehicle During A Hailstorm

Hail is one of those less common components of nature that does not always get predicted, and in most cases, there is no warning at all that heavy stones of ice will be hurled out of the sky at any moment. While being at home during a hailstorm may not be a huge concern, being stuck out in a hailstorm in your vehicle could definitely be a bad experience. To stay safe and keep your vehicle as protected as possible during a hailstorm, it is good to know what you can do in advance. Here are the steps you should take during a hailstorm to prevent damage to your vehicle. 

Get to shelter if at all possible. 

A gas station, a drive through at a restaurant, a parking garage, and even a car wash, if there is one close by, can be places you can park until the hailstorm is over. If you happen to be in the middle of town or the city when a hailstorm hits, finding some kind of shelter may be a possibility. Of course, spending your time driving around and looking for shelter is pointless and potentially dangerous, but if there is something fairly close by, go ahead and get your car to safety as quickly as possible. 

If no shelter is available, park your vehicle.

Driving through a hailstorm can actually be more damaging to your car or truck than if the vehicle is sitting perfectly still. This is because the combination of the velocities between your moving vehicle and the hail stones can create some pretty damaging repeated collisions. Busted glass is a real possibility during a hailstorm as well. Therefore, if you do not have immediate shelter available, pull over on the side of the road and park until the storm is over and it is safe to get back on. 

Cover your car with whatever you have on hand. 

If you can do so safely, it is a good idea to protect your vehicle from the balls of ice shooting from the sky. Jump out of your car or truck quickly and use whatever you have on hand to protect it. If you have blankets or jackets in the car, spread these items over your windshield, hood, and top. If you have floor mats, pull them out and situate them in vulnerable places. You can also invest in covers specifically designed to protect your car during a hailstorm. 

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