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Symptoms of a Malfunctioning Transmission

Do you hear a lot of noise when switching gears while driving your car? The noises might stem from your car needing more transmission fluid. However, it is also possible that your transmission is problematic and about to stop working. There are ways to determine if an automatic transmission is not in good shape, and a few of the symptoms of a failing transmission are listed in this article.

Random Pulling While You Are Driving

If you have been feeling occasional pulls while driving your car, this is a sign that the transmission is in need of attention. The pulling motion may also come off as sudden jerks or shaking. The cause of the problem stems from the gears struggling to work. You must understand that the transmission is the main part used for giving the gears enough energy to function. The transmission takes energy from the engine and gives it to the gears. Keep in mind that other areas of the car can also be the cause of a transmission malfunctioning.

Check-Engine Light 

There are many things that can be wrong with a car when the check-engine light comes on, including the transmission being in bad shape. It is possible that you have a direct problem with the transmission or that a part that the transmission needs to function is damaged. For instance, a transmission will not work unless there is a good engine to give it the energy needed for sending to the gears. However, the engine can become a problem if the torque converter is not in good shape. A mechanic can run computer diagnostics on your car to pinpoint the exact reason for the check-engine light being on.

Hesitation When Going into Different Gears

When a car hesitates to switch into a different gear, this is a sign of a possible serious transmission problem. Your transmission might be in the process of going out and needing to be replaced, and that kind of repair can be costly. Before a transmission goes out completely, a car will usually lose the ability to go in different directions. For instance, you might be able to drive your car forward but be unable to back out of parking spaces, and that can be frustrating. Get in touch with a mechanic such as Atomic Transmissions as soon as you can so you can find out if the noise your car makes when switching gears is due to a transmission problem.