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A Guide To Buying A Quality Used Semi Truck

If you are looking to add to your fleet of semi trucks, one of the best things you can do is shop with a dealership that can provide you with high quality used trucks. It is very possible to find a diamond in the rough that will upgrade your fleet, but this will require you to do some research and understand some guidelines to finding a great purchase. These three guidelines below will help you to make the best semi truck purchase. 

Figure out the type of transmission that you need

In order to navigate the road seamlessly and on your terms, you will need to determine the type of transmission you are looking for. The speeds of most semi trucks can range anywhere between 9 speeds to 18 speeds. Take inventory of your fleet and how you plan to use this truck so you can determine the amount of maneuverability you require, which will dictate the number of speed to opt for. You can also opt for an automatic transmission truck. Either way, determining your transmission need will narrow down your options.

Consider how many miles the truck has on it

It is important to understand the history of the vehicle to be sure you are catching a great buy. Don't be afraid to purchase a semi truck with plenty of miles on it, as modern semi trucks are more able to reach 500,000 miles and still be in quality condition. What's more important to key in on is the way the truck was driven and not just how much it was driven. You can determine this by requesting maintenance records for the truck to be sure that previous owners have taken great care of the engine, transmission and other important components.

Get the truck inspected

To truly know what you are buying, it will boil down to a thorough inspection. First and foremost, only inspect the truck when there's plenty of daylight out so that you can get proper fluid reads. Check the roof to make sure there are no raised spots. Raised spots indicate rust and rust is bad news. Check the coolant fluid levels and make sure that the fluid is green and not discolored. Discoloration or rust in your coolant fluid is indicative of overheating problems. Further, always start the engine up to make sure it passes the ear test and that no fuel injectors are knocking. Take the truck for a lengthy test drive to be sure it drives smoothly and won't give you any problems.

With these three tips, you will be in a good position to find a quality used semi truck. From here reach out to a dealership like that can assist you.