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4 Things You Need To Know About Your Vehicle's AC System

Even though you use your vehicle's air conditioning system every summer, there is a lot about your air conditioning you may not know. Here are four things you need to know about your vehicle's air conditioning system. 

#1 You Should Use Your Air Conditioning In The Winter

If you want your air conditioning to work properly in the spring, and to smell good, you need to turn it on a few times during the winter. The parts of your air conditioning system will get rigid and can break if they are not used for months on end. They need to move in order to continue to work properly.

Additionally, if you want your air conditioning to smell fresh in the spring, you need to use it throughout the year. When you don't use your air conditioner, the moisture inside of your AC system becomes a breeding ground for mold, mildew and bacteria. In order to stop this from happening, you need to turn on your AC throughout the year.

#2 Your Air Conditioning Is A Great Defroster

Your air conditioning can actually be useful in the winter as well. If your car is really frosty, and you want to defrost it more quickly, just turn on your air conditioning. 

Your air conditioning acts like a giant dehumidifier and will pull all of that moisture out of the air. It can be a quick way to defrost your car and get on the road. 

#3 Your Air Conditioning Needs To Be Refueled Every Once In A While

Your air conditioning system uses refrigerant to cool down the air that it pumps through your vehicle. Over time, your air conditioning system uses up all the coolant that it has stored inside of it. When this happens, you need to have the refrigerant refilled. 

You don't have to refill the refrigerant nearly as often as you need to change the oil or check other fuel levels; however, if the air in your vehicle doesn't feel as cool as it used to, that is a good sign that it needs a little refill of refrigerant in order to continue to keep you cool. 

#4 Your Air Conditioning Uses A Filter

In order to ensure that the air that runs through your air conditioning system is clean, it is run through a filter. This filter pulls the contaminants out of the air so that the air you breathe in your vehicle is filtered. 

Every once in a while, you need to change the filter in your air conditioning system in order to ensure that you are breathing clean air. Changing the filter on a regular basis also reduces the strain on your air conditioning system. 

In order to keep your air conditioning in your vehicle in top working order, you need to refill the refrigerant and change out the filter every once in a while. You also need to turn on your AC and let it run for just a few minutes throughout the year to keep the parts lubricated and to prevent the buildup of bacteria and mold inside of the system. Also, don't forget that your AC can act as a dehumidifier and help get rid of the fog inside of your vehicle during the colder months. If you are having problems with your vehicle's AC system, be sure to take it in to a company like Modern Auto Air that specializes in AC repair.