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8 Reasons To Buy A New Fully Electric Green Car

If you have finally decided to ditch your old gas-powered vehicle for a new green car, you may be interested in a fully electric car. Fully electric vehicles are now available from automotive companies, such as Nissan. Fully electric vehicles don't have to be tiny; some of these new green cars can seat a family of five. Here are a few benefits of owning a fully electric green car:

No Gas

A vehicle that is fully electric never needs gas. In fact, some green cars don't even have a gas tank. A fully electric green car may have a lithium-ion battery. This type of battery weighs half as much as a nickel-metal hydride battery, such as the kind used in hybrid cars, but it offers twice as much power. 


Fully electric cars are efficient. For some vehicles, when you apply the brakes or simply coast in the car, the electric motor converts energy into battery energy, so the car is constantly recharging. 

Home Charging

With a fully electric vehicle, you may not have to visit a charging station to refuel. Some green cars can be charged at home using a 240-volt dock. They may even offer a 110-volt charger that can be plugged into a standard home outlet.

Great Handling

The handling of a fully electric car may differ significantly from that of a traditional gas vehicle when the battery modules that power the vehicle are located under the floor boards. The lower center of gravity can make a green car with this design easy to handle and fun to drive. 

No Emissions

If a green car is completely electric, it doesn't generate any emissions. You can even run it in your garage without being concerned about inhalation risks. 

Low Maintenance

You will still need to have your tires rotated, but if you own a fully electric car, there is no need for oil changes or tune-ups. 

Phone App

Some fully electric green car owners are able to communicate with their car, even when they are far away from it. A phone app called CARWINGS can be used by some new Nissan green car owners to check the battery charge, turn on the heat, locate a charging station, start charging or set timers. The app works through a computer or mobile phone with web access.

Quiet Ride

Traditional car engines are loud. Much of the noise is generated by vibrations that result from the combustion powering the engine. A fully electric car, which is not powered by combustion, is practically silent.

A new fully electric car could be the vehicle you've been looking for. Contact a dealership like Western Avenue Nissan today to learn what models are available and to schedule a test drive.